This map collects information from residents to identify hazardous locations and behaviors. The concerns residents report will inform the District's Vision Zero Action Plan

Using the Map:

To use the map, navigate toward a hazardous location, and click or tap the map to mark it. A menu will appear for you to describe the problem in further detail. If the location has already been submitted, you can click or tap on the existing point and provide additional comments to highlight your unique concern. You can identify any and all locations at which you have noticed hazardous conditions or behavior.

To learn more about the Vision Zero Initiative, visit

This map is not 311. DDOT staff will invesitage the issues you identify on this map and if necessary, submit a 331 request on your behalf. If you would prefer to submit a separate 311 service request, please visit


There are several ways to interact with the map:

1. Use the basemap switcher to select the basemap you'd like to interact with
2. Hold down the shift key and drag a box on the map to zoom in
3. Hold Down Ctrl+Shift to zoom out
4. Roll your mouse roller to zoom in/out
5. Click the zoom in/out button

Map Based Navigation (On a Touch Screen Device):

1. Pinch to zoom in/out
2. Tap the zoom in/out button


The search box can be used to find an address you're interested in:
1. Enter the address you're interested in
3. Click on the item in the list to locate the address on the map

You can enter a partial address and then identify the correct value in the list.

The Vision Zero Safety application is supported on the following browsers: Microsoft IE 7/8/9, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome and Apple Safari.